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Critical Thinking Essential Insights

Identify traits of inclusive leadership, belonging and psychological safety to champion I&D and leverage the talent of a diverse team.


60-90 minutes

Online self-directed

Essential Insights

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In the age of ‘information overload’, it’s easy to find yourself misled, confused or overwhelmed when trying to analyse data objectively. With multiple outlets of news, opinion, and stories vying for attention on TV, social media, at work and at home, the ability to think critically is essential. The process of thinking deeply, effectively and objectively about a problem to come up with the best solution may therefore be the defining skill for future success.

In this online course, you’ll explore how to sort fact from fiction, using critical thinking as a tool to problem-solve, research and excel in your role. Shedding light on ethical approaches and evidence-based practice, the content brings into focus known and unknown biases and how they can influence thinking.

As a result of attending this course, learners will be able to make reasoned decisions, unbiased judgement and communicate thinking to others clearly, when evaluating large amounts of information from various sources.

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In this course, you will:

  • explain what critical thinking is and how it can help our working practice, research and problem-solving
  • check for problems and barriers to effective critical thinking and be able to overcome these
  • use strategies for critical thinking.

Is this course right for me?

This course will help people practitioners, as well as those outside the profession, who need to hone their decision-making competence when faced with work scenarios, daily life challenges or achieving KPIs. Relevant for all levels of experience, the bitesize content will provide professionals with critical thinking tools to make sense of data and information and communicate their thoughts.

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